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A match made in heaven

BRUNCHIN' is located at 335 Yonge Street W, Downtown Toronto ON (Inside the World Food Market).

Almost 1 year old, BRUNCHIN' started out as a small project between owner's Monica Navas & Ralph King. Both happy of the idea to start their own food business, the journey took on (March 2021). It took trial and error, a lot of work and commitment in order to reach its potential. BRUNCHIN' started to become a popular place for locals and tourists to grab a bite, whether on the go or enjoy in the marketplace. 

     Taken its name, BRUNCHIN' started out as an idea of introducing brunch favourite foods into the marketplace, which shortly became a brand for creative street-styled foods. BRUNCHIN' is a long term goal to turn into a brunch style dine in within the near future.

After the first year, Monica and King welcomed a new partner, Paul Hogan. Paul came in enthusiastically, bringing his own spin to Indian style cuisine to the menu.


BRUNCHIN creates a warm, inviting and friendly environment. Each customer experiences BRUNCHIN'

in their own way, its fun and charming atmosphere is what draws them in. Every staff member works hard to always deliver the best quality of food each time. Just because it's street style food, doesn't mean it can't be top-notch!   



It's what's on the inside that counts

BRUNCHIN' is a proud owner of two shacks in Downtown Toronto.

Both shacks similar in quality but different in menu and styles. Each shack has its own spin to traditional street styled foods from different parts of the world. All the menu items are made with love, care and beautiful presentation thanks to our chef Ralph King.

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